Jack Sparrow (featuring Michael Bolton)

posted by gary on May 16th, 2011

Here it is… cheapest viagra yet another instant hit from the Lonely Island boyz. Their new

album just dropped last week! (nsfw)

YouTube Preview Image



Get the Latest Cell Phone News

posted by Gary on June 5th, 2010


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For the geeks in the crowd like me, you

just can't get enough tech viagra news. Now there's a specific source for news on all the major United States wireless carriers – it's called CellyBlog.com, and you should check it out.
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full disclosure:Â i'm the

one maintaining the site. just thought you should know.


The best band you've never heard of…

posted by gary on February 21st, 2010


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you The Renaldo The Ensemble!  A definite highlight of my recent trip to New York City was seeing my friend John's group perform a late night

Saturday show at the Living Room.

It's a combination of brilliant musicianship (keyboard, guitar, conga, drums, tuba & clarinet), singing (from rap to opera, vaudeville and just plain entertainment.  It is something that you viagra online canada pharmacy must see to believe.  You'll need a nap though, cuz the show doesn't start until 11pm.


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Donate to Haiti Earthquake Relief

posted by Gary on January 14th, 2010

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can donate to Earthquake relief by text messaging the mexican pharmacy code “yele” to

501501 – $5 each time you do it, up to $50.  You can also click here to donate on their website.  100% of donations go to the earthquake fund.

Worst. Holiday Portraits. Ever.

posted by gary on December 20th, 2009

This is a phenomenal collection of disturbing family portraits taken order cialis for the holidays courtesy of Manofest.com.  Thank your lucky

stars you're not them… happy holidays!

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Fish-Car coming your way?

posted by Joe on October 1st, 2009

Smart people over in Japan are working on technology to

allow motorized Cailis canadian farmacy vehicles to behave like schools of fish, avoiding collisions and such.  Cool idea, and as always with stuff out of Japan, cute looking


Check out the Fish-Car-Cute-Robot-Thingsviagra 100 mg

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Dig if you will the picture… mom's online

logged into her favorite auction site.  She gets tired and decides to take a nap.  Her 3-year-old daughter took over the controls, and by the time she awoke the youngster had purchased a $12,300 earth mover.  So the toddler had the house to herself?  buy levitra from canada That's messed up.


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Maru – The internet cat!

posted by Joe on May 19th, 2009

I'm an avid browser of youtube, and I was delighted to find this poster.  He posts short videos

cheap cialis uk of his cat, Maru.  they may not be for everyone, but its

one hellofa cute cat!


cutest cat

Plus, there is a blog as well…



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This is unprecedented in the cell phone industry.  Starting today, U.S. Cellular customers with dead or dying batteries can walk into any retail store and receive a fully charged replacement for free.  Two minor catches… 1) you

need to be a U.S. Cellular customer and 2)  your phone needs to have been purchased within the

the last 18 months – but, if it’s older than 18 months, you’re likely eligible for a whole new generic viagra soft phone anyway.

Visit the USCC site to see if your phone is eligible.

via BoingBoing, comes this totally messed up story… in Bakersfield, CA, a father douche who procreated got high on PCP and order cialis canada proceeded to

eat the eyeball of his

four year old son and permanently damaged the other… let that sink in… oh, and he proceeded to try and cut his own leg off with an ax.  i got nothin’ else.cheap generic cialis

According to an article in today’s USA Today, last

year 75% of bodybuilders tested for banned substances either failed or refused to be tested.  So it’s no wonder that cialis online pharmacy when drug testers showed up at a recent bodybuilding competition in Belgium, competitors scattered like cockroaches.  The majority of them headed out of the arena, and the

competition was cancelled.buy viagra

Vince Shlomi, levitra bayer original buy better known to you

and I as the the ShamWow

guy, was arrested in February on a felony battery charge following a violent confrontation with a prostitute in his South Beach hotel room.  Check out the Smoking Gun for all the gory details.


This is why you're fat

posted by Gary on March 5th, 2009

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nettcasino title=”sammich” src=”http://www.tubapants.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/sammich-300×205.jpg” alt=”The 30,000 calorie sandwich” width=”300″ height=”205″ />

The 30,000 calorie sandwich

And here I thought it had to do with a low metabolism or something… but the site thisiswhyyourefat.com generic cialis online sheds light on the matter – with some of the strangest and

grossest food concoctions on the

planet.  Pictured above is the 30,000 calorie sandwich:

Sandwich filled with ground beef, bacon, corn dogs, ham, pastrami, roast beef, bratwurst, braunschweiger and turkey, topped with fried mushrooms, onion rings, swiss/provolone/cheddar/feta/parmesan cheeses, lettuce and butter on a loaf white bread.

I’m fairly certain my cholesterol went up just looking at these dishes.

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Airline looking to charge for toilet use

posted by gary on February 27th, 2009


Irish budget airline Ryanair may be taking this whole cost-cutting thing to new levels. Yea, they’re considering charging passengers to use the loo.

Rochelle Doch seit das Spiel erfunden wurde, versuchen Menschen Mechanismen zu entwickeln, um den spil roulette Croupier zu schlagen und vorherzusagen, welche Resultate die nachsten Wurfe bringen werden. Turner, head of research at Which? Holiday, said: “It seems Ryanair is prepared to plumb any depth to make a fast buck generic viagra fast delivery and, once again, is putting profit

before the comfort of its customers.

Check out the BBC article here.

Folk Music Sing-a-Long Time!

posted by gary on February 26th, 2009


that you generic levitra fake pretentious coffee-house bastards!